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Stradivarius 1709 Violin


  • “Engleman”
  • “Engleman”
  • “Engleman”


This violin is named “Engleman” after its previous owner Dr. Ephraim P. Engleman, M. D. (1911-2015) of America, Clinical Professor of Medicine, amateur violinist and instrument collector. The violin had been possessed for nearly 150 years by the Young family. After the death of the last successor U.S. Naval officer Commander Young in World War II, it was kept unused by his parents throughout their lifetime. The violin was then passed into the hands of W. E. Hill & Sons of England, who then sold it to a French amateur Dr. Pierre Lacombe M. D. in 1951. It then passed via Jacques Français, a dealer of New York to Dr. Engleman in 1986. Nippon Music Foundation acquired this violin from Dr. Engleman in May 1996.


The back, in one piece, is of handsome maple marked by a small curl slanting slightly down to the right. That of the sides is similar. The scroll is marked by a broader and fainter curl. The table is in two pieces of spruce of very fine grain at the center, broadening significantly at the flanks. The instrument is well covered with varnish of a rich orange-brown color.


Stradivarius 1709 Violin “Engleman”

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September 4, 1951 William E. Hill & Sons, to Dr. Pierre Lacombe


Stradivarius 1709 Violin “Engleman”

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November 19, 1986 Jacques Francais
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