About Nippon Music Foundation

Date of Establishment
Supervisory Government
March 23, 1974
Katsuji Ebisawa
Cabinet Office, Government of Japan


Nippon Music Foundation was established in 1974 with the objective to "enhance music culture" in Japan. In 1994, the Foundation started the "Instrument Loan Project" through which the Foundation has strived to make international contributions by loaning the top quality stringed instruments acquired by the Foundation. The Foundation now owns 21 stringed instruments (15 Stradivarius violins, 1 viola, 3 cellos and 2 Guarneri del Gesu violins), and as the custodian of these world cultural assets, maintains them for future generations and loans them gratis to internationally-active musicians regardless of their nationalities.

The Foundation organizes benefit concerts worldwide where more than 10 Stradivarius instruments are played by the recipients. These concerts offer unique opportunities for classical music lovers to fully enjoy the timbre of the superb stringed instruments. The proceeds are donated to the local organizations to be used for projects to promote classical music and other worthy causes.

The Foundation also provides grants to support a variety of classical music projects including concerts, workshops and seminars organized by local organizations.

The Foundation's activities are made possible by the generous support of The Nippon Foundation.

Trustees and Counselors


as of 7 March 2019
  • Chairman
    Katsuji Ebisawa
    Katsuji Ebisawa
  • Managing Director
    Tamio Kano
    Tamio Kano
Trustees Bin Ebisawa Honorary Professor at Graduate School of Shobi University
  Toshihiko Fukui President of the Canon Institute for Global Studies
  Izumi Kadono Honorary Professor at Seisen University, President of The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research
  Kunihiko Saito Former Ambassador of Japan to the United States of America
  Chiharu Takeuchi Attorney at Law at Nozomi Law Office
Auditors Takashi Kakimi Attorney at Law
Sadahiko Yoshimura Certified Public Accountant


  Naoki Aikawa Professor Emeritus at Keio University
  Koichiro Aramaki Former Chairman of Kirin Holdings Company, Limited
  Hiroaki Fujii Adviser to The Japan Foundation, President of Mori Arts Center
  Hisako Hatakeyama Director of Hatakeyama Memorial Museum of Fine Art
  Mitsu Kimata Former Chair & President of NPO JKSK Empowering Women Empowering Society
  Takehiko Kiyohara Executive Adviser to Sankei Shimbun Co., Ltd.
  Yukiharu Kodama Chairman of The Mechanical Social Systems Foundation
  Takeju Ogata President of The Nippon Foundation
  Hisayoshi Suma Cardiac Surgeon


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