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Stradivarius 1708 Violin


  • “Huggins”
  • “Huggins”


The back is one piece of wood with a handsome medium curl descending to the right. The sides are similarly marked. The head being of wood of less pronounced curl. The table is marked by fine grain at the center becoming more open and slightly wavy towards the flanks. The varnish is of a rich orange color worn to gold on the back. It is a typical example of Stradivari’s work and is in an excellent state of preservation


It derives its name from the well-known English astronomer Sir William Huggins (1824-1910) who possessed the violin.

The instrument was previously obtained from France in the late 1870’s by Old Zack of Vienna, and from him, it was brought to W. E. Hill & Sons of England around 1880, then sold to Sir William Huggins. He retained it until his death and it was re-purchased by W. E. Hill & Sons from his widow. It was then sold to Mr. Richard Bennett, a well-known amateur and collector. It went back to W. E. Hill & Sons in 1919 and sold to a renowned collector Mr. Felix Kahn in the same year. In 1924, Mr. Kahn sold the violin to the Rudolph Wurlitzer Company in New York, and in the same year, it was purchased from them by Mr. Gustavo Herten of Buenos Aires, a well-known collector who owned number of very fine instruments. In 1931, this violin was sold to Mr. Charles Petschek of New York. In March 1990, a well-known soloist Cho-Liang Lin purchased it from the heirs of Mr. Petschek. Lin had since used this violin for concerts and recordings. In March 1995, Nippon Music Foundation purchased this instrument from Cho-Liang Lin through a luthier.


Stradivarius 1708 Violin “Huggins”

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August 26, 1919 W. E. Hill & Sons, to Mr. Kahn


Stradivarius 1708 Violin “Huggins”

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April 27 - June 3, 1945 Exhibition at Brooklyn Museum “Fiddles of the Master Craftsmen” commemorating the 300th anniversary of the birth of Antonio Stradivari and the 200th anniversary of the death of Giuseppe Antonio Guarneri
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