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Stradivarius 1702 Violin

“Lord Newlands”

  • “Lord Newlands”
  • “Lord Newlands”


The name of this violin was taken from the ownership by Lord Newlands (1825-1906) of England who kept it throughout his life with great care. This instrument belonged for many years to a French amateur Mr. Wittering. Upon his death in 1876 it was purchased by Gand et Bernardel and then sold to the well-known dealer David Laurie in 1877 and was brought to Scotland and sold to an amateur player Mr. William Croall. Mr. Croall retained the violin until around 1884 when it again passed into the hands of Laurie. It was then sold to Colonel Hozier, who subsequently became Lord Newlands. Lord Newlands kept the violin until his death when it passed to his son. It was then acquired by an amateur, Mr. R. E. Brandt, from whom W. E. Hill & Sons obtained the violin and sold it in 1921 to Miss Rhoda Backhouse. In 1961, the violin was re-acquired by W. E. Hill & Sons and offered to Mr. Dunbar in 1962, but returned to W. E. Hill & Sons in 1964. In 1982, it was sold to Mr. Suhail F. Saba, who was the owner of a very select collection of fine violins. In 1973, it was exhibited at the CINOA Exhibit, Assembly Rooms in Bath, England, representing the instruments owned by W. E. Hill & Sons. In June 2002, Nippon Music Foundation acquired this instrument from Edmonton (Music) Limited.


The back is in one piece of maple, marked by a handsome irregular curl ascending to the right. That of the sides and scroll are similar. The table of spruce is marked by fine grain at the center, more open towards the flanks. The varnish is a rich gold color with an orange tint.


Stradivarius 1702 Violin “Lord Newlands”

June 20, 2002 John & Arthur Beare, to Nippon Music Foundation
November 28, 1994 Etienne VATELOT, to Suhil F. Saba
May 17, 1982 W. E. Hill & Sons, to Suhil F. Saba


Stradivarius 1702 Violin “Lord Newlands”

April 5, 2002 Andrew Hill, Report to Nippon Music Foundation
May 17, 1982 W. E. Hill & Sons, History letter to Suhil F. Saba
April 15, 1921 W. E. Hill & Sons, History letter to Rhoda Backhouse

Hill Book (P.50)

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