About Instrument Loan Project

Nippon Music Foundation is the custodian of the world's top-quality stringed instruments such as those made by Antonio Stradivari and Bartolomeo Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesu. The Foundation's main objective is to loan the instruments in its collection gratis to internationally active musicians as well as young promising musicians regardless of their nationalities. The Instrument Loan Committee, made up of internationally renowned music specialists, is responsible for the selection of musicians for the loan of the instruments owned by the Foundation.

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  • Recipients of Instrumens
Long Term Loan
Loan Period 1 year (Renewable by application)
Application Period January to March
Screening By the Instrument Loan Committee
Result To be notified after the Loan Committee Meeting

Short Term Loan

The Foundation loans the instrument on short-term to the player who plans for a particular concert or recording.

Loan Period

Within 6 months (Renewable by application)

Application Period

Throughout the year


By two members of the Instrument Loan Committee


To be notified after screening

Queen Elisabeth International Music Competition

Since 1997, Nippon Music Foundation has been slating the Stradivarius 1708 Violin “Huggins” to the Grand Prize winners of the Queen Elisabeth International Music Competition of Belgium held in Brussels.



If you would like to apply for the loan, please send the following application materials to the address below. Please note that the submitted materials will not be returned.

Application ( application form application form Form age over 20 / application form minor application form minor Form age under 20)
A letter including the specific reasons for application and a career plan, addressed to the Instrument Loan Committee
Two recommendation letters addressed to the Instrument Loan Committee
Annual performance schedules (past/future)
CD (Live Recording) - titles, performers, date and place must be indicated
DVD (Live Recording/ Region Free) - titles, performers, date and place must be indicated
Reviews and Articles
Send to
Nippon Music Foundation
Akasaka 1-2-2 Minato-kuTokyo 107-0052 Japan
Tel 81-(0)3-6229-5566  Fax 81-(0)3-6229-5570

Screening (Instrument Loan Committee)

The Instrument Loan Committee is responsible for making basic policies regarding the loan of the instruments owned by Nippon Music Foundation and for selecting performers to whom the instruments are to be loaned. The Committee is composed of members representing Europe, the United States and Asia.


A written notification will be sent to the address on the application.


The applicant who has been selected as a recipient of the Foundation's instrument is required to sign the Loan Agreement and take proper care of the instrument by observing the terms and conditions of the Loan Agreement. Some of the basic requirements as the recipient are - reporting on the use of the instrument, placing the instrument in the care of the instrument dealers designated by the Foundation every three months for its condition checks, and performing gratis for the Foundation. The recipient who resides outside of Japan must import the instrument to Japan before the expiration of the ATA Carnet .

ATA Carnet:
Nippon Music Foundation provides the ATA Carnet to the recipients of the Foundation's instruments for the purposes of facilitating the customs clearance procedure, avoiding the seizure of the instrument and charges (import taxes, penalties etc.) at the customs. The ATA Carnet is an international customs and export-import document to clear customs without paying duties and import taxes.

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