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Encounter with Stradivari 2024

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【OSAKA】   Program A
Date  Sunday 1st September 2024 at 14:00 (doors open at 13:30)
Venue  Sumitomolife Izumi Hall
Tickets  General seat 7,000JPY
 Sumitomolife Izumi Hall Friends seat 6,300JPY
 U-30 seat 2,500JPY

【TOKYO】   Program A
Date  Tuesday 3rd September 2024 at 19:00 (doors open at 18:30)
Venue  Kioi Hall
Tickets  S seat 8,000JPY
 A seat 6,000JPY
 U29 A seat 2,000JPY

【TOKYO】   Program B
Date  Saturday 7th September 2024 at 15:00 (doors open at 14:20)
Venue  Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall
Tickets  S seat 10,000JPY
 A seat 8,000JPY
 B seat 5,000JPY

Goldmund Quartet
   Florian Schötz(1st Vn)
   Pinchas Adt(2nd Vn)
   Christoph Vandory(Va)
   Raphael Paratore(Vc) 
 Stradivarius "Paganini Quartet"
       1727 Violin "Paganini"
       1680 Violin "Paganini"
       1731 Viola "Paganini"
       1736 Cello "Paganini"
Veronika Eberle   Stradivarius 1700 Violin "Dragonetti"
Suyoen Kim   Stradivarius 1702 Violin "Lord Newlands"
Timothy Chooi   Stradivarius 1709 Violin "Engleman"
María Dueñas   Stradivarius 1710 Violin "Camposelice"
Ray Chen   Stradivarius 1714 Violin "Dolphin"
Risa Hokamura   Stradivarius 1715 Violin "Joachim"
Minami Yoshida   Stradivarius 1716 Violin "Booth"
Ji Young Lim   Stradivarius 1717 Violin "Sasserno"
Giuseppe Gibboni   Stradivarius 1722 Violin "Jupiter"
Mayumi Kanagawa   Stradivarius 1725 Violin "Wilhelmj"
Lun Li   Stradivarius 1735 Violin "Samazeuilh"
Rino Yoshimoto   Stradivarius 1736 Violin "Muntz"
Benjamin Beilman   Guarneri del Gesù 1740 Violin "Ysaÿe"
Kikuei Ikeda *Special guest   Stradivarius 1690 Viola "Medici"
Camille Thomas   Stradivarius 1730 Cello "Feuermann"
Akira Eguchi   Piano
Junichi Hirokami   Conductor
Tokyo Symphony Orchestra 

 Program  Program A (Chamber music) <1st September: Sumitomolife Izumi Hall, 3rd September: Kioi Hall>
Mendelssohn: String Quartet No.6 in F Minor, Op.80 Ⅰ. Allegro vivace assai
Kodály: Serenade for Two Violins and Viola, Op.12 Ⅰ. Allegramente - Sostenuto ma non troppo
Juon: Silhouettes, Op.9, No.1 Idyll: Allegretto pastorale, No.3 Bizarrerie: Vivace
Moszkowski: Suite for Two Violins and Piano in G Minor, Op.71 Ⅰ. Allegro energico
Dvořák: Miniatures, Op.75a Ⅱ. Capriccio: Allegro, Ⅲ. Romance: Allegro
Dancla: Le Carnaval de Venise, Fantasie for Four Violins, Op.119
Mendelssohn: Octet in E Flat Major, Op.20

Program B (with orchestra) <7th September: Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall>
Sarasate: Caprice Basque, Op.24
Sarasate: Introduction et Tarantelle, Op.43
Sarasate: Spanish Dance No.6, Zapateado, Op.23-2
Massenet: Méditation from Thaïs
Paganini: La Campanella
Tchaikovsky: Valse - Scherzo
Kreisler: Viennese Rhapsodic Fantasietta
Monti: Csárdás
Elgar: Introduction and Allegro for Strings, Op.47
Vivaldi: Violin Concerto, Op.8, The Four Seasons
Brahms: Double Concerto for Violin and Cello in A Minor, Op.102 Ⅲ. Vivace non troppo

 Tickets  <OSAKA 9/1・Sumitomolife Izumi Hall>
On Sale: Friday 7th June 10:30~ (General)
             Friday 31st May 10:30~ (Sumitomolife Izumi Hall Friends )

*Sumitomolife Izumi Hall Ticket Center 06-6944-1188 (10:30~17:00 excluding Sundays and public holidays)
Sumitomolife Izumi Hall Online Ticket Service
*Ticket PIA[Pcode:261-943]

<TOKYO 9/3・Kioi Hall>
On Sale: Friday 17th May 12:00~ (General)
Kioi Hall Web ticket Help Desk 0570-550372(Tuesday ~ Friday 12:00~16:00)
Ticket PIA [Pcode:263-957]
CN Playguide 0570-08-9999 (10:00~18:00)

<TOKYO 9/7・Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall>
On Sale: Saturday 11th May (General)
             Saturday/Holiday 4th May (Club member of Arts Tomo no Kai)

Tokyo Opera City Ticket Center 03-5353-9999 (10:00~18:00 excluding Mondays)
Ticket PIA[Pcode:265-357]
※All ticket sales of Osaka and Tokyo concerts will be each used for public interest projects conducted by the Sumitomo Life Welfare and Culture Foundation (Osaka concert 1st Sep.), NIPPON STEEL Arts Foundation (Tokyo concert 3rd Sep.), and Certified NPO Organization Maggie's Tokyo (Tokyo concert 7th Sep.).

〈Osaka 9/1〉Sumitomolife Izumi Hall Ticket Center 06-6944-1188(10:30~17:00 excluding Sundays and public holidays)
〈Tokyo 9/3〉 Kioi Hall 03-5276-4500 (11:00~16:00 excluding Satudays, Sundays and public holidays)
〈Tokyo 9/7〉Tokyo Opera City Ticket Center 03-5353-9999 (10:00~18:00)

【Inquiries about concerts other than ticket sales】
Nippon Music Foundation 03-6229-5566

※Performers and repertoire are subject to change.
※Photography and audio/visual recording during the concerts are strictly prohibited.
※Latecomers may be asked to wait outside for a piece to finish before entering the venue.
※If you wish to attend in a wheelchair, please contact the venue in advance.
※Audience members must be older than elementary-school age.

【OSAKA 9/1】
Presented by:  Nippon Music Foundation,
 Sumitomo Sumitomolife Izumi Hall[Sumitomo Life Welfare and Culture Foundation]
Supported by:  The Nippon Foundation

【TOKYO 9/3】
Presented by:  Nippon Music Foundation, NIPPON STEEL Arts Foundation
Supported by:  The Nippon Foundation

【TOKYO 9/7】
Presented by:  Nippon Music Foundation
Co-presented:  Tokyo Opera City Cultural Foundation,
 Certified NPO Organization Maggie's Tokyo
Supported by:  The Nippon Foundation

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