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【Video】Goldmund Quartet Interview

Prior to the "ENCOUNTER WITH STRADIVARI 2021" concert, we released an interview video of Goldmund Quartet. We hope you will enjoy.

youtube_social_circle_white.png【ENCOUNTER WITH STRADIVARI 2021(Goldmund Quartet Interview)】

Goldmund Quartet   Instrument: Stradivarius "Paganini Quartet"
  Florian Schötz(1st vn) 1727 Violin "Paganini"
  Pinchas Adt(2nd vn) 1680 Violin "Paganini"
  Christoph Vandory(va)1731 Viola "Paganini"
  Raphael Paratore(vc)  1736 Cello "Paganini"

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