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Application for the loan of Instruments "Paganini Quartet"

The loan of "Paganini Quartet" to Hagen Quartet ended in August 2017.

The "Paganini Quartet" is currently on loan to Quartetto di Cremona until the end of September 2018 for the special concert to be held in Cremona.

The next recipient of the "Paganini Quartet" from October 2018 will be decided at the next Instrument Loan Committee Meeting. The Foundation openly accepts the application from any quartets until 30 June 2018.

For the detail of the application: Instrument Loan Project

*The application is accepted only from quartets. An individual player cannot apply for the loan of "Paganini Quartet".
*Deadline is 30 June 2018.
*Application Materials: Each member must fill out the application and submit a biography in addition to the quartet's biography.

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