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Ms. Mimami Yoshida wins Bronze Medal at the International Violin Competition of Indianapolis

Ms. Minami Yoshida, violinist and recipient of the Nippon Music Foundation's Stradivarius 1716 Violin"Booth" since August 2021, was awarded the Bronze Medal and Special Prize in the 11th International Violin Competition of Indianapolis held in Indiana, the United States from 9 to 25 September 2022.

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Minami Yoshida
Minami has won numerous prizes at prestigious competitions such as the 2021 Joseph Joachim International Violin Competition in Hannover, the Montreal International Music Competition in 2016, the Sibelius International Violin Competition in 2015, and the Music Competition of Japan in 2014. She is currently studying at the New England Conservatory of Music with the Dean's scholarship and in the Tokyo College of Music's Artist Diploma Program as an Honorary Scholarship student. She is studying with Miriam Fried, Koichiro Harada and Kyoko Takezawa.

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